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Vivoblue filters for Ukraine

We along with our partner groups are hoping for 100,000 filters for Ukraine. We need donations, but also connections. Billions have been given to “Ukrainian aid” and water is number one when it comes to survival. We need to find connections to tap into that aid to use it for good and where needed most. Every filter system is $65 and includes a three year filter, water bag, a bottle of prenatal vitamins/vitamins and a Ukrainian New Testament (if wanted). We know that the distress in Ukraine and surrounding areas continues and we as Pur International hope to enter it with hope. has additional resources and descriptions of their vivoblu filters.

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Funeral Costs for 6 families whose lives are forever changed from one horrible collision.

Tishomingo, OK
My heart is breaking all over again tonight. Grief and loss is so easily reignited. Last night, Rebecca and I sat down and watched Footloose. The movie starts off with a tragic car accident killing a group of high school kids on their way home from a dance. The movie is a true story from Elmore City, OK. The community was forever impacted. After losing Finn in an accident in November, even watching that scene made our stomachs turn. I just heard from my cousins in Tishomingo, OK… A mere 60 miles from where Footloose’s sad story was based on, a new, community changing, accident has happened. Six local high school girls, around 16 years old, were on their way home from lunch and ended up colliding with a semi. None of them survived. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking accident. These families need our help! This is an extremely fresh situation and lots of info hasn’t been released. Tishomingo is a small, rural Oklahoman town where everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about everyone. This is going to be hard. If you want additional info, just google Tishomingo. My uncle, Bobby Waitman, is the superintendent in Tish. For now, we’re trying to raise enough money to cover the funeral costs for all of the families involved. It’s a lofty goal but we have a few people/families that have committed to matching funds. Having gone through this so recently, I know how important it is to be able to focus on the grieving. If we can give some dollars to help these families get some space to grieve, it’s money well spent. Just that time is life changing. Please think about joining us. As usual, every dollar raised will be going directly to the families and split between them. This is just a start. Thank you for sacrificing to help others! “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I come to give life abundant!” #stopthethief #finnsarmy

Raised: $ 40,665

Shining a light during dark times in Ukraine

Our mission statement at PUR is 'caring for orphans and widows during their time of need'. Now is 100% that time for millions fleeing Ukraine. Anna is like a daughter to one of our partners and founders of PUR. She’ll be heading to Poland this weekend. She’ll be living there indefinitely to help refugees coming across the border. 100% of what’s given will go directly to aiding people fleeing, 50% of who are kids. Not many opportunities to give can commit all of the funds to the need. This is a great way to help. Please read Anna’s goal below and let’s send her over with some extra resources! We’d like people to get behind Anna and give some monthly support to go towards this mission! ---------- Hello, my name is Anna. I am Ukrainian (I live in the US now), and much of my family and friends live in Ukraine. I will be traveling to Poland to help support the refugees leaving Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. I want to support in any way I can, including: - Helping provide food, clothing, shelter, and emotional support to those in need - Coordinating families to find somewhere to stay or coordinating their travel to other countries. - Helping to coordinating shipments with first aid supplies from United States that will go to Ukraine. - Putting a smile on anyone’s face that I can - Anything else that comes up for those directly affected! I will use any funds raised here to help in these efforts. It will be used directly to those in need of support. Thanks for caring!

Raised: $ 6,350

Finn's Army

As many campaigns as I've written, I never thought I'd be typing the words out for my own family. For those that don't have all the details, The Waitman Family was in a car accident on November 20th. Rebecca was pretty banged up. Broken ribs and quite a few bumps and bruises. Israel has a collapsed lung and pretty severe emotional trauma. Ireland and Finn were both Life Flighted from Glendive, MT to Denver. Ireland has a broken humerus, a shattered ankle, a concussion and she'll be in a wheelchair for a few months but praise God, she will fully recover. Finn had a devastating head injury. The trauma staff at Swedish Hospital was amazing and did everything they could but my "mini me" was pronounced dead on November 22nd. Although his spirit was gone and his brain was dead, the rest of his body was as perfect as always. Through being an organ donor, he'll be able to save the lives of at least 8 people. We just heard that Finn's heart is going to a 6 year old boy here in the midwest! Finn has always been a warrior. His mission was to love people and show people Jesus. He lived every moment fully to the best of his ability. We are going to take this devastation and repurpose it into drive, vigor and devotion by adding "Finn's Army" to PUR International's service. I can't say exactly what this is going to look like yet because we truthfully aren't sure. I know God is working something big. His word says that the Thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I come that you may have life and life ABUNDANTLY! I believe that part of this new mission is going to be making sure that families, that the thief is trying to break, are lifted up and realizing the abundance that God has for them. That the goodness of God drowns out any evil thing that the thug is trying to cook up. We're going to use this campaign as an initial tool but we'll be moving this into a process well beyond current needs. God only knows the bills (for us personally) that are coming from the surgeries, life flights, ICU's but the real need will be supporting this army for the future. This will be expensive! Please pray for the Waitman Family, also for the recipients that are going to be getting beautiful pieces of Finn. Please consider how you fit into Finn's Army now and in the future. We're going to need partners financially, physically and prayerfully. We're knocked down right now but we're excited about this second half that is coming. We love you all.

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Bailey Mann

Bailey is a 17 year old senior in a small Midwest town. She is a member of the high school drill team and one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! Her life shattered very recently when her mother was killed by her father who then took the life of another and then himself. She lost her whole world in a single second. She is the youngest of 3 children, and the baby of the family to her two brothers. One brother lives and works nearby but the rest of her family is thousands of miles away. She has been left to put the pieces of her life back together. There are so many unexpected costs and things that need to be done. Bailey no longer has the security of her parents to help her along the way. She has many difficult decisions to make. We humbly ask for your help in putting the pieces back together to help her move forward. Her family is pulling together to lift her up but there is much to do, and all of it is overwhelming. Any funds raised will go toward immediate expenses related to Jennifer’s passing, and the remainder will go toward ensuring Bailey’s future is bright.

Raised: $ 3,400

Jaci Remington

Corey James Remington was born July 10, 1977, to MaryClare and Larry in Coburg, Oregon and is now at rest on Tuesday July 13, 2021. Corey loved to watch all sports, especially his beloved Denver Broncos and Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. He loved to golf, construct model airplanes, and tell bad “Dad Jokes”. Corey will be remembered with love by his wife, Jaci, his daughter, Jenna, and son, Jackson. Corey is also survived by his siblings: Tress, Kim, Randy, Patrick, Kelly, Lisa, Martha, and Shannon. He is preceded in death by his father, Larry, and brother, Andy. A special thanks to those who we know Corey loved. They held a special place in his heart: Becky, James, Chris, Travis, Carrie.

Raised: $ 5,025

Stephen Penner

Williston, North Dakota
Stephen's parents, Kevin and Jodi, first noticed something was wrong when Stephen started taking naps in the middle of the day which was abnormal for the 15 year old, but what triggered them to visit the doctor was a cough- a concern for walking pneumonia. Routine chest x-rays showed a possible heart enlargement and Stephen was referred to Minot for an echocardiogram on June 30th. According to the doctor who reviewed the results, Stephen's heart was pumping at 10% efficiency, so Stephen was flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. As the doctors at Mayo evaluated Stephen, they were concerned that he was at risk of a negative heart event, so they hooked him up to an ECMO machine, which assists the heart in moving blood through the body. The hope and prayer was that his heart would recover and he would be able to come off the ECMO machine. However, given the condition of his heart and the lack of much progress, the doctors started the process and preparations for a heart transplant. The doctors feel that his current level of health and the severity of his condition will cause his name to quickly move to the top of the transplant list. (Updates after this July 8th overview can be followed on Stephen's Caring Bridge page here: Many have expressed a desire to bless and support the family financially in addition to the outpouring of love and prayers. Funds will go to help with medical expenses and the costs of living in Rochester for the foreseeable future. This PUR Campaign allows you to give with all proceeds going to the family. No fees are taken out and your contribution is tax-deductible as PUR International is a 501c3 organization.

Raised: $ 9,550

Christina Gross

On Friday May 7, 2021, James Robert Gross Jr. passed away from a heart attack, he was only 49 years old. It was way too early for him to pass, we think he deserved more time, but God was ready for him to come home. He left behind his wife Christina and five kids Jeremy, Katie, Rebecca, Amanda, and Sarah. He had quite a few things that we was excited about with his personal and professional goals. We had so many things planned this year with him, so this was very devastating. James was a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force for just shy of 22 and a half years. He was the sole breadwinner of the family, and was unemployed for 10 months due to COVID. He was catching up with the responsibilities of the household after he found a new job in December of 2020. He was a very private man when it came to the finances, so we are not sure what they look like at this point, but we do know that he wasn’t able to make it far, so we would be very grateful for any donations or services (car, household, etc.) Our church has blessed us with a meal train, so we are not in need of any food.

Raised: $ 17,525

Sarah Lamutt

I’m reaching out today with some sad news. My brother Mike Lamutt passed unexpectedly on May 12th. As you can imagine, we’re just beginning to process this huge loss. However, his passing carries with it some unavoidable and timely realities. Mike is survived by his wonderful family; his wife Sarah, his daughter Bree and his son Aidan. In addition to being an incredible husband and father, Mike was also the primary income earner for his family. While Mike and Sarah have made sound financial decisions, their plan has been impacted in recent years by high medical expenses related to Sarah’s continued fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Now, with mounting medical costs from Mike’s 13 days in ICU, supporting Bree through college and with Sarah and Aidan at home, his passing so early in life has left a gaping hole in their financial security. Mike was an avid whitewater rafter, floating the Colorado and Green Rivers whenever the chance allowed. To Mike, a day on the river with his family, was the best gift God ever gave him. Mike always gave more than he received, generously contributing to his church, and helped his family & friends whenever the need arose. Many have asked, “what can I do?” The easy and most important answer is that Sarah and the kids could really use some help covering their financial obligations. If you’d like to help, please consider donating whatever your situation allows. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to help cover medical expenses, housing costs, and continued education for the kids. Near-term, it will help alleviate stress by covering utility bills and the like. Long term it helps Bree continue with her college education and maybe even provide something that could bring a little joy back into their lives. With your help, we can ease the burden now placed on Sarah’s shoulders. Please share the message with your friends and family. Thank you VERY much for your love and support!

Raised: $ 54,929