Giving to Meet the Mission

PUR Service Teams and Projects

Waterlife Mission Trip

This campaign has been set up as a fundraiser for the travel expenses of the volunteers that will be going on the Waterlife Mission Trip to Uganda August 5-14, 2019. We invite anyone and everyone to help raise the funds these volunteers need in order to go on this trip. The total trip cost per person is $2,780. That covers all expenses while in Uganda except those expenses that come from any tourist type activities. It also covers cost of airfare, and travel medical insurance. This is a big financial sacrifice for anyone. Please consider helping to make this trip possible for each of these volunteers so that they can have the chance to not only give of their finances, but give their time and effort towards this life changing opportunity. Service is a big part of the vision of PUR International. We believe strongly in the power and the impact it can have on both the giver and the receiver. We are so excited to be partnering with members of Waterlife Church to conduct this service trip. When you donate to this campaign, you can leave a comment to communicate a specific team member you want the money to be given towards. If you do not specify a team member, the money will be distributed equally to reduce the total trip cost for all. Thank you for your support!

2% Funded
Raised: $ 1,200
Goal: $ 55,600

Church Building in Kitoola

Kitoola, Uganda
In August of 2019 we will be partnering with volunteers from Waterlife Church in Lenoir, NC to build a church in the village of Kitoola, Uganda. The first project that PUR International ever did in Uganda was to build a pit latrine for this same village community on the land that has been selected as the site of the future church building. The picture above is of the lot where the church will be built. The congregation has been meeting for over 4 years in a local school classroom. They pay rent to use the building, and there are many restrictions pertaining to their use of the building. They have had the dream of being able to meet in their own building since the church began. Now, PUR International and Waterlife Church will be working together to make their dream a reality. The cost of the building is $6,000. Please help us reach this goal, and bless this congregation with their own building that will be used on a daily basis for many years to come. Thank you!!

0% Funded
Raised: $ 0
Goal: $ 6,000

Basketball Camp Campaign

Walisubi, Uganda
In December we will be hosting Jess and Hallie Clark from Wasilla, Alaska. Jess is a stay at home mother of 4, and a youth basketball coach. Her daughter Hallie is a player. They will be coming to work with us and host a Basketball Camp at Nation Changers Primary School near Walisubi, Uganda. They will be working along side several Ugandan coaches and a team of older players. Nation Changers is one of the few schools in the country that offers basketball as an organized sport. We will be inviting 60 select players from all over the country of Uganda to help develop their basketball talent. The camp will be from Dec. 12-15th. All the players will board at the school. We will provide accommodation, food, and training in both basketball and life skills. It will be for boys and girls ages 8-15. Jess and Hallie will leave Alaska on Dec. 9th. They will be in Uganda with us from Dec. 10-19th. We are so excited to offer this experience to the upcoming generation of basketball players in Uganda. Basketball in Uganda is still a growing sport, with very little opportunity for young players to develop their talent. During the camp we hope to give each player his or her own jersey and basketball. Jess and Hallie are also collecting basketball shoe donations in hopes that they will be able to provide shoes to the players that don’t have them. The total cost for basketballs, jerseys, camp expenses, and travel expenses for Jess and Hallie comes out to $9,000. This campaign has been set up to both raise funds for the camp and to help cover the travel expenses for these ladies who have chosen to come share their talents with the children of Uganda. Please consider giving towards this event so that we can provide a quality experience for these young basketball players. 100% of all donations will be given towards the expenses of the trip and the camp for these kids.

83% Funded
Raised: $ 7,500
Goal: $ 9,000

Christmas Camp

Nakaseke International College
From December 28-January 3 we will be taking a team from Victor's Junior Christian School once again to participate in the Watoto Wasoka Christmas Camp. It is a week long tournament that involves over 2,500 children from all over Uganda. It is the biggest of its kind in the country. All of the players and coaches will board at Namesake International College while the tournament is held. The event is operated by Watoto Wasoka which is a registered NGO (nonprofit) in Uganda. Every year they hold this event, they do so on a very meager budget. We have been helping to support this event the last 2 years, and we hope to do so again this year. It is an amazing event in a country where youth sports is given a very low priority. These children are given memories to last a lifetime, while learning many valuable lessons in the process. We see this as a very worthy and valuable cause not only in the lives of these children, but in the future of Uganda. We encourage you to help us raise $2,000 so that we can give towards this wonderful event. Thank you!

100% Funded
Raised: $ 3,400
Goal: $ 2,000