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Giving HOPE-FOOD among the CHAOS!

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Help us join together to help Guanacaste, Costa Rica families and businesses to produce meals and support for all that are struggling with no employment and financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. This area of Costa Rica is 99% dependent on Tourism. With the whole world shut down, their livelihoods are shut down. These are hard working, loving people that had the rug pulled out from under them. Sharky's will be joined by several other restaurants in the area to use its kitchen and staff to cook-prepare meals to deliver to as many people as possible. We'll be implementing this process with respect to the recommended social distancing and health standards set by local governments. In addition to pre-prepared food, we will also be working with other organizations to deliver pantry and other essential items to those in need. We need your help to keep these families fed during this time of crisis. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP TO IMPLEMENT. Those of you in the area that are interested in this initiative or know someone who can help, please contact via text or whatsapp only to 8729-8274 #TamarindoStrong #DoMoreBeMore Thanks for caring!

Raised: $ 3,400

Stop the Hating - Love the Hatians!

A group of four of us will be heading to Haiti on December 13th. We’ll be meeting up with our partner, Farmer John’s butcher shop, to add on to the building. PUR is a 30% partner in the butcher shop. Farmer John’s is dramatically changing the definition of business in Haiti. To see some of the projects in Haiti, check out • 80% of the proceeds go back into ministry opportunity in country. • FJ’s provides an avenue for every family with a stick and a cow/goat to bring their animal to market. Most do not have any way to get revenue from their animals… until Farmer John’s • Provides a stable source of clean protein for both high end resorts and local families in Haiti. Farmer John’s has been asked to build a facility to process and can chicken to have on site for disaster relief when hurricanes come. It’s a huge opportunity to bring revenue as well as providing assistance to those in need when disaster strikes! At a time when most people are pulling out of Haiti due to corruption, we’re wanting to double down. Without a doubt, Farmer John’s is becoming a rock for industry in Haiti to build on. This trip will be focusing on two things. • Building the cannery/processing plant for disaster relief. • Having a Christmas party at 3 schools and delivering stockings and gifts to roughly 800 kids. We’d love for you guys to get as excited about these projects as us. If you’re looking for a worthy cause to support, this is it! Long term or Christmas donations, it will all go to making a difference in Haiti. Budget: $20,000 Kid’s meals/stockings 800 at $10/child = $8,000 Building Construction (concrete only) $12,000 ish for this phase.

23% Funded
Raised: $ 4,600
Goal: $ 20,000

Supplies and Equipment Medical Camp

Last year we conducted a 3 Day Medical Camp in Uganda with a team of volunteers from the US, and with local Ugandan volunteers. In those 3 days we treated over 1,000 people. We had originally planned this year’s medical camp to be in April, but it has been moved to August to coincide with the building project and the mission trip for the team from Waterlife Church. The dates of this year’s camp will be August 7-10. We will be conducting the camp with a team of volunteers from both Waterlife Church and the Lindberg family from Norwary. We will be in a remote village for 2 days, and then near a local clinic for the other 2 days. We hope to treat at least 2,000 people. In order to do this camp we will need your help to purchase all of the medicine and supplies we will be distributing. We will also be renting a tent for people to sit under while they are waiting. The total amount we need to raise for the camp is $6,000. Please consider giving towards this campaign today.

37% Funded
Raised: $ 2,275
Goal: $ 6,000

Waterlife Mission Trip

In August of 2019 PUR International will be teaming up with Waterlife Church in Lenoir, NC to both build a village church and conduct a medical camp in Uganda. This campaign has been set up as a fundraiser for the travel expenses of the volunteers that will be going to Uganda from Waterlife Church. We invite anyone and everyone to help raise the funds these volunteers need in order to go on this trip. The total trip cost per person is $2,700. That covers all expenses while in Uganda except those expenses that come from any tourist type activities. It also covers cost of airfare, and travel medical insurance. This is a big financial sacrifice for anyone. Please consider helping to make this trip possible for each of these volunteers. Service is a big part of the vision of PUR International. We believe strongly in the power and the impact it can have on both the giver and the receiver. We are so excited to be partnering with members of Waterlife Church to conduct this service trip. When you donate to this campaign, you can leave a comment to communicate a specific team member you want the money to be given towards. If you do not specify a team member, the money will be distributed equally to reduce the total trip cost for all. Thank you for your support!

100% Funded
Raised: $ 21,827
Goal: $ 21,600

Church Building in Kitoola

Kitoola, Uganda
This campaign has been set up to raise funds for the building of a church in the Ugandan village of Kitoola. The construction will begin in July. Then in August we will be sending a team of volunteers to help finish it. The team will consist of members of Waterlife Church, PUR International, and the Lindberg family from Norway. PUR International’s first project in Uganda was to build a pit latrine for this same community at the site where this church will be built. The congregation has been meeting for over 5 years. They began meeting in a classroom at a village school, but now they meet in the pole shelter that you see in the picture with a tarp on top. They have had the dream of being able to meet in a permanent building since the church began. Now, PUR International and Waterlife Church will be working together to make their dream a reality. The cost of the building is $6,000. Please help us reach this goal, and bless this congregation with their own building that will be used on a daily basis for many years to come. Thank you!!

100% Funded
Raised: $ 6,000
Goal: $ 6,000

Costa Rica Youth Center: It takes a village to #DoMoreBeMore.

Costa Rica
PUR has partnered with Sharky’s and RPM in Tamarindo to create a space to help mentor local and expat youth to expect more out of life. When I say “expect” I mean for them to expect to do more with their life. Not to get more! These kids are developing into men and women with an attitude of service. Our goal is to change the paradigm. Have youth that primarily focus on other people! Ashley is the key to this outreach. Hear from Ashley below! Our monthly budget is $5,000. We have a great facility but it’s currently $2,000/month. We’re working on getting that down but until then, we need additional people to step up! Thanks for joining us in this adventure!!!

Raised: $ 5,660

Trip Expenses for Lindberg's and Kanagy's

In August, Andrew and Heidi Kanagy from PUR International will be teaming up with Waterlife Church in Lenoir, NC, and the Lindberg family from Norway, to both build a village church and conduct a 4 day medical camp. Jorgen and Camilla Lindberg will be bringing their 2 teenage daughters, and Camilla’s mother Inger. This campaign has been set up to help raise funds for the travel expenses of both the Kanagy’s and the Lindberg family. The cost for the Kanagy’s is $2,700 each, and the total cost for the Lindberg family is about $10,500, making the total for this campaign $15,900. Please consider supporting this trip, and helping the team to raise funds to cover their expenses.

62% Funded
Raised: $ 9,955
Goal: $ 15,900