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Wednesday morning, February 7th came to be the worst day of their lives. It was the moment they discovered their 7 month old baby boy lifeless in bed. He had passed away by accidental suffocation. Kobe Princeton was the happiest little baby, who enjoyed cuddles and kisses. He was very curious and observant of his surroundings. His bright smile would light up the room when he would hear the voices of his loved ones. His little laugh was so contagious as he would crack up at the silly things his big brother would do. He was very patient and calm with the sweetest disposition. Jacoby and Savannah are wonderful parents who doted over him and cared deeply for him. This sudden, tragic death has rocked this whole family to it's core. The trauma Savannah and Jacoby have experienced from this sudden incident has kept them from being able to function and work to provide for their family as the deep grief has overtaken them.

We know all too well, as many of you do too, how paralyzing trauma like this can be. We all need an army at times. Please do what you can through prayer and finances for Jacoby, Savannah and family! We are asking for your help for all the expenses and struggles from this tragedy as they grieve. As. Always, we’ll match up to $5000.


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