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Add 2 Rooms to Widow's Home

In April of this year we had a team that was able to come and help build a pit latrine for a member of True Vine Church that is a widow. She lives in a one-room house with 3 of her 4 children, and her granddaughter. Even though she has only a small piece of land, there is enough room on that property for us to build 2 more rooms onto the house. If she would like to use the extra rooms for her own family she can, but she would also have the option of renting them out for extra income to support her family. The cost of building the extra rooms is $2500. We would be very grateful for any financial support you could give to help support this project. If you would like to give with more than just your finances, we welcome you to come to Uganda and help with this project. We have a 10-day trip planned for you to come and give 4 days towards helping with the construction of the extra rooms for the widow and her family. There is also two days for you to explore the country of Uganda in whatever way you would like. You will be able to help make the lives of a widow and her family members a little better, while at the same time experiencing the wonderful culture and people of Uganda. Send us an email using the contact link, or email us directly at and we will get started planning your trip. Project Cost: $2500 Base Trip Cost: $1,000 Plus Airfare and Travel Documents

Abandoned Family Outreach

Kalispell, MT
Greer is a sweet friend of ours, single mom to 9 children, and living in Kalispell, MT. Six years ago Greer and her children were rescued from a cult, abandoned and disowned by their husband and father. At that time, Greer was gifted a house to provide stability for her family and now that house needs repairs. Our outreach for Greer, Avril, Ethan, Barrick, Asher, Josie, Peter, Jesse, Zivah, and Daniel Ryder this year, is to take a team of 10 people May 8-15 to complete as many of following repairs that financing allows: - repair and replace flooring - replace bathroom vanities - replace leaking faucets - hang new lights - replace doors - add shelving - paint everything - furniture - window treatments Would you consider supporting Greer and her family, through our team? All monies donated will directly fund projects. The team is covering all of their own expenses. PRAY that we get huge amount of work done with our team in a short week. FINANCIAL support-we have SO many projects and many hands to get them done, but we need financial assistance to pay for supplies. Donations can be made at (PUR website) and will be tax deductible! Donations up to $5,000 will be matched therefore doubling your contributions. Thank you for your generosity!

Pit Latrines

In Uganda there are many people that live without a decent place to use the bathroom. Since we have been here we have had two different teams work on Pit Latrines in order to help solve this problem for those that can’t afford it. True Vine has identified several needy people and widows who are in need of latrines. In October we would like to build two of them. The cost of a good latrine that will last for generations is about $1,000. If you are able, and would like to help us with this project, the total cost is $2,000. If we are able to raise more funds, we will build more latrines. Giving towards this project is a huge help, but even better would be for you to come to Uganda and help us build the latrines. The work is not very heavy, but the reward is great. We have a trip planned that will last 10 days out of the US. It will include 4 days of work on the latrines, and then a couple of days where you will be free to explore Uganda in whatever way you wish. Come experience this wonderful country, the welcoming people, and give some time to serve someone less fortunate than yourself. Send us an email using the contact link, or email us directly at and we will get started planning your trip. Project Cost: $2,000 Base Trip Cost: $1,000 Plus Airfare and Travel Documents

Garden Planting

Uganda is fortunate to have 2 rainy seasons that are good for growing crops. The second rainy season of 2018 will begin at the end of August or beginning of September. During this time we will have much to do to get the garden ready. We will be digging, planting, and mulching. We have been working with True Vine to get this garden, and the greenhouse on the same property, to the point where they are able to provide jobs for local men to support their families, and food for the children at the school. If you can give any money towards helping with the cost of this planting season, the total cost will be $1,000. Even better would be for you to come to Uganda to help us plant! We have a 10-day trip set up for you to come be a part of what we are doing to help this ministry and to help the kids at the school. While you are here we will spend 4 days working in the garden, and still have a couple of days for you to explore the country and even go on a safari at one of the national parks if you would like. Send us an email using the contact link, or email us directly at and we will get started planning your trip. Project Cost: $1,000 Base Trip Cost: $1,000 plus Airfare and Travel Documents


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Our team in Uganda is partnering with local NGO's to complete service projects, and to bring teams of volunteers to Uganda. If you would like to get involved you can Support teams and projects, or if you are interested in coming with a team to serve in Uganda, check out our Upcoming Trips. Once you have picked out a trip you would like to join, contact us and let us know. After contacting us, we will send you more detailed information.


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