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PUR International

Pure Undefiled Religion is in part to look after orphans and widows. It is the primary focus of our efforts carried out in two divisions, PUR Service serves needs internationally while PUR Compassion serves needs domestically. We provide emotional, financial, and organizational support to orphans and widows and other unique situations where we feel called.


Pur Service is designed to reach people and communities outside our own. Our history in doing so began in Uganda, and continues to expand to Ukraine, Costa Rica, Haiti, and wherever else the Lord may lead. If this interests you, get involved by viewing our current campaigns.


Pur Compassion is focused domestically on meeting the needs of families who suddenly find themselves dealing with loss. We provide core services including financial support, counseling, and additional resources.


Solar Panel System needed in Haiti

Take a moment to google Haiti. Read the news headlines. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Haiti is currently listed as one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. Don't get me wrong, Haiti is amazing. Most Haitians are beautiful, amazing, loving people. The percentage that aren't, are crippling the country. We have a partner outside of Port-au-Prince that is providing incredible opportunities for Haitians. Farmer John's is a butcher shop & processing center that gives Haitians a place to sell their livestock, to buy inexpensive meat and provides necessary, clean meat to NGO's around the country. It's one of the only (IF NOT THE ONLY) sanitary butcher shop in Haiti. If you read the headlines, the volatility in Haiti has surpassed any level of sustainability. Fuel prices are unreachable. Roadblocks and violence make delivering meat borderline impossible. Access to supplies (especially fuel) is extremely limited. Farmer John's is saving lives. No question. In order to keep operating, we need to install a solar panel system to keep their coolers running and to limit fuel consumption so we can save the limited fuel reserves for emergencies (which seem to be weekly). Please partner with us to try to make a difference in the lives of these beautiful Haitians that seem to never catch a break. Life is a constant battle there and this is an opportunity to save lives, continue income sources for them and to help keep NGO's in operation in the country. We're personally involved at a big level and would love support from anyone that can! The whole project is around $300,000. An amazing family has already covered $200,000 of that. They understand the need! Please consider joining us in this fight! Ricky and Becca #Finnsarmy

Support for Princeton Family

Wednesday morning, February 7th came to be the worst day of their lives. It was the moment they discovered their 7 month old baby boy lifeless in bed. He had passed away by accidental suffocation. Kobe Princeton was the happiest little baby, who enjoyed cuddles and kisses. He was very curious and observant of his surroundings. His bright smile would light up the room when he would hear the voices of his loved ones. His little laugh was so contagious as he would crack up at the silly things his big brother would do. He was very patient and calm with the sweetest disposition. Jacoby and Savannah are wonderful parents who doted over him and cared deeply for him. This sudden, tragic death has rocked this whole family to it's core. The trauma Savannah and Jacoby have experienced from this sudden incident has kept them from being able to function and work to provide for their family as the deep grief has overtaken them. We know all too well, as many of you do too, how paralyzing trauma like this can be. We all need an army at times. Please do what you can through prayer and finances for Jacoby, Savannah and family! We are asking for your help for all the expenses and struggles from this tragedy as they grieve. As. Always, we’ll match up to $5000.

Vivoblue filters for Ukraine

We along with our partner groups are hoping for 100,000 filters for Ukraine. We need donations, but also connections. Billions have been given to “Ukrainian aid” and water is number one when it comes to survival. We need to find connections to tap into that aid to use it for good and where needed most. Every filter system is $65 and includes a three year filter, water bag, a bottle of prenatal vitamins/vitamins and a Ukrainian New Testament (if wanted). We know that the distress in Ukraine and surrounding areas continues and we as Pur International hope to enter it with hope. waterall.org has additional resources and descriptions of their vivoblu filters.

Serve The Server: Ben Cannon Family Support

I don’t handle losing well. It sticks with me forever. One of my earliest losses I remember was in 2nd grade. I lost the finals of the geography bee to a 6th grader. The tiebreaker question. I can still see the face of that 6th grader and I still feel the sting of that loss. That “6th grader” was Ben. I look at these pictures and know that now I’m going to see that face, and it’ll be a different loss. Sometimes feeling like an insurmountable loss…. Especially for his family. Ben is the kind of guy that lived to serve, always! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a situation where he could help that he didn’t freely volunteer. Ben served in the National Guard. He served in the navy. He served on a nuclear sub. He served his 8 children. He served his community and HE SERVED GOD. Please take the opportunity to find a way to continue that serving heart. Let’s help take some of the financial burden off of Ben’s children. Let’s serve Ben! We love you and thank you for being “The Light”. Ricky and Becca Waitman Obituary - https://buttefuneralhome.com/obituaries/benjamin-michael-cannon-age-44-of-butte/