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Waterlife Mission Trip

This campaign has been set up as a fundraiser for the travel expenses of the volunteers that will be going on the Waterlife Mission Trip to Uganda August 5-14, 2019. We invite anyone and everyone to help raise the funds these volunteers need in order to go on this trip. The total trip cost per person is $2,780. That covers all expenses while in Uganda except those expenses that come from any tourist type activities. It also covers cost of airfare, and travel medical insurance. This is a big financial sacrifice for anyone. Please consider helping to make this trip possible for each of these volunteers so that they can have the chance to not only give of their finances, but give their time and effort towards this life changing opportunity. Service is a big part of the vision of PUR International. We believe strongly in the power and the impact it can have on both the giver and the receiver. We are so excited to be partnering with members of Waterlife Church to conduct this service trip. When you donate to this campaign, you can leave a comment to communicate a specific team member you want the money to be given towards. If you do not specify a team member, the money will be distributed equally to reduce the total trip cost for all. Thank you for your support!

Ashton's Kidney

Williston, ND
Take a moment to try to remember what your hopes and dreams were when you were a child. Now picture that hope fading away. I always had dreams of playing pro baseball. We all had something we wanted to be or do. Something to strive for. This amazing boy is at a place in life where hope may be fading. Where the only dream is to live. How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to give Hope, Life and potentially help someone get to keep pursuing their dreams? This is that opportunity. Please be a part of it. Join with us to give Ashton the chance to grow up to change the world!!! You can read Ashton’s story in the link below but here is a summary for those who are in a hurry. Ashton Hanson is a 12 year old boy who is in emergency need of a kidney. Through all of your help, we’ve spread the word and a donor has been found and approved! That’s amazing! The downside is that his health has taken a turn for the worse. He is currently in MAYO but did get off the ventilator. He’ll be needing dialysis to be able to get healthy enough to go through with the transplant. Because of his age, he has to be there for dialysis. Ashton’s mother Melissa is a nurse as well as a single mom. As you can imagine, trying to be there for her son through this process for the last five years has been crippling to her finances. Anyone with kids knows that being there for them is always the first priority. She’s been doing an amazing job of that! We have a chance to breathe life into this situation through finances and hope. Please join with us to help not only Ashton to live, but to help his family not just survive but THRIVE! We love you all and can’t wait to see some magic happen. All donations are tax deductible. If you can’t support financially, we are having an auction on July 21st in Williston. Please consider donating items (no matter how big or small) as well as coming to participate in the auction. Thanks for your time and being a partner with us!

Church Building in Kitoola

Kitoola, Uganda
In August of 2019 we will be partnering with volunteers from Waterlife Church in Lenoir, NC to build a church in the village of Kitoola, Uganda. The first project that PUR International ever did in Uganda was to build a pit latrine for this same village community on the land that has been selected as the site of the future church building. The picture above is of the lot where the church will be built. The congregation has been meeting for over 4 years in a local school classroom. They pay rent to use the building, and there are many restrictions pertaining to their use of the building. They have had the dream of being able to meet in their own building since the church began. Now, PUR International and Waterlife Church will be working together to make their dream a reality. The cost of the building is $6,000. Please help us reach this goal, and bless this congregation with their own building that will be used on a daily basis for many years to come. Thank you!!

Abandoned Family Outreach

Kalispell, MT
Greer is a sweet friend of ours, single mom to 9 children, and living in Kalispell, MT. Six years ago Greer and her children were rescued from a cult, abandoned and disowned by their husband and father. At that time, Greer was gifted a house to provide stability for her family and now that house needs repairs. Our outreach for Greer, Avril, Ethan, Barrick, Asher, Josie, Peter, Jesse, Zivah, and Daniel Ryder this year, is to take a team of 10 people May 8-15 to complete as many of following repairs that financing allows: - repair and replace flooring - replace bathroom vanities - replace leaking faucets - hang new lights - replace doors - add shelving - paint everything - furniture - window treatments Would you consider supporting Greer and her family, through our team? All monies donated will directly fund projects. The team is covering all of their own expenses. PRAY that we get huge amount of work done with our team in a short week. FINANCIAL support-we have SO many projects and many hands to get them done, but we need financial assistance to pay for supplies. Donations can be made at (PUR website) and will be tax deductible! Donations up to $5,000 will be matched therefore doubling your contributions. Thank you for your generosity!


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Our team in Uganda is partnering with local NGO's to complete service projects, and to bring teams of volunteers to Uganda. If you would like to get involved you can Support teams and projects, or if you are interested in coming with a team to serve in Uganda, check out our Upcoming Trips. Once you have picked out a trip you would like to join, contact us and let us know. After contacting us, we will send you more detailed information.


We provide core services and support to stabilize and transition women and children who suddenly find themselves without a husband and father.
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