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Giving HOPE-FOOD among the CHAOS!

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Help us join together to help Guanacaste, Costa Rica families and businesses to produce meals and support for all that are struggling with no employment and financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. This area of Costa Rica is 99% dependent on Tourism. With the whole world shut down, their livelihoods are shut down. These are hard working, loving people that had the rug pulled out from under them. Sharky's will be joined by several other restaurants in the area to use its kitchen and staff to cook-prepare meals to deliver to as many people as possible. We'll be implementing this process with respect to the recommended social distancing and health standards set by local governments. In addition to pre-prepared food, we will also be working with other organizations to deliver pantry and other essential items to those in need. We need your help to keep these families fed during this time of crisis. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP TO IMPLEMENT. Those of you in the area that are interested in this initiative or know someone who can help, please contact via text or whatsapp only to 8729-8274 #TamarindoStrong #DoMoreBeMore Thanks for caring!

Jaci Remington

Corey James Remington was born July 10, 1977, to MaryClare and Larry in Coburg, Oregon and is now at rest on Tuesday July 13, 2021. Corey loved to watch all sports, especially his beloved Denver Broncos and Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. He loved to golf, construct model airplanes, and tell bad “Dad Jokes”. Corey will be remembered with love by his wife, Jaci, his daughter, Jenna, and son, Jackson. Corey is also survived by his siblings: Tress, Kim, Randy, Patrick, Kelly, Lisa, Martha, and Shannon. He is preceded in death by his father, Larry, and brother, Andy. A special thanks to those who we know Corey loved. They held a special place in his heart: Becky, James, Chris, Travis, Carrie.

Stop the Hating - Love the Hatians!

A group of four of us will be heading to Haiti on December 13th. We’ll be meeting up with our partner, Farmer John’s butcher shop, to add on to the building. PUR is a 30% partner in the butcher shop. Farmer John’s is dramatically changing the definition of business in Haiti. To see some of the projects in Haiti, check out • 80% of the proceeds go back into ministry opportunity in country. • FJ’s provides an avenue for every family with a stick and a cow/goat to bring their animal to market. Most do not have any way to get revenue from their animals… until Farmer John’s • Provides a stable source of clean protein for both high end resorts and local families in Haiti. Farmer John’s has been asked to build a facility to process and can chicken to have on site for disaster relief when hurricanes come. It’s a huge opportunity to bring revenue as well as providing assistance to those in need when disaster strikes! At a time when most people are pulling out of Haiti due to corruption, we’re wanting to double down. Without a doubt, Farmer John’s is becoming a rock for industry in Haiti to build on. This trip will be focusing on two things. • Building the cannery/processing plant for disaster relief. • Having a Christmas party at 3 schools and delivering stockings and gifts to roughly 800 kids. We’d love for you guys to get as excited about these projects as us. If you’re looking for a worthy cause to support, this is it! Long term or Christmas donations, it will all go to making a difference in Haiti. Budget: $20,000 Kid’s meals/stockings 800 at $10/child = $8,000 Building Construction (concrete only) $12,000 ish for this phase.

Stephen Penner

Williston, North Dakota
Stephen's parents, Kevin and Jodi, first noticed something was wrong when Stephen started taking naps in the middle of the day which was abnormal for the 15 year old, but what triggered them to visit the doctor was a cough- a concern for walking pneumonia. Routine chest x-rays showed a possible heart enlargement and Stephen was referred to Minot for an echocardiogram on June 30th. According to the doctor who reviewed the results, Stephen's heart was pumping at 10% efficiency, so Stephen was flown to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. As the doctors at Mayo evaluated Stephen, they were concerned that he was at risk of a negative heart event, so they hooked him up to an ECMO machine, which assists the heart in moving blood through the body. The hope and prayer was that his heart would recover and he would be able to come off the ECMO machine. However, given the condition of his heart and the lack of much progress, the doctors started the process and preparations for a heart transplant. The doctors feel that his current level of health and the severity of his condition will cause his name to quickly move to the top of the transplant list. (Updates after this July 8th overview can be followed on Stephen's Caring Bridge page here: Many have expressed a desire to bless and support the family financially in addition to the outpouring of love and prayers. Funds will go to help with medical expenses and the costs of living in Rochester for the foreseeable future. This PUR Campaign allows you to give with all proceeds going to the family. No fees are taken out and your contribution is tax-deductible as PUR International is a 501c3 organization.


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Our team in Uganda is partnering with local NGO's to complete service projects, and to bring teams of volunteers to Uganda. If you would like to get involved you can Support teams and projects, or if you are interested in coming with a team to serve in Uganda, check out our Upcoming Trips. Once you have picked out a trip you would like to join, contact us and let us know. After contacting us, we will send you more detailed information.


We provide core services and support to stabilize and transition women and children who suddenly find themselves without a husband and father.
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