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Vivoblue filters for Ukraine

We along with our partner groups are hoping for 100,000 filters for Ukraine. We need donations, but also connections. Billions have been given to “Ukrainian aid” and water is number one when it comes to survival. We need to find connections to tap into that aid to use it for good and where needed most. Every filter system is $65 and includes a three year filter, water bag, a bottle of prenatal vitamins/vitamins and a Ukrainian New Testament (if wanted). We know that the distress in Ukraine and surrounding areas continues and we as Pur International hope to enter it with hope. has additional resources and descriptions of their vivoblu filters.

Ellen Jackson Family Support

Denver, Colorado
The world lost an incredible young lady on June 5, 2022. Julie Ellen (Ellen) Jackson and her dad Brian were traveling home from a club volleyball tournament when they were in a horrible car accident and Ellen tragically passed away. Anyone who knew Ellen thought of her as a blessing. God's light shined through that beautiful girl. She made everyone’s day better and everyone’s life better. Ellen approached everything in life with a smile and a positive attitude. If she ever had a bad day, no one would ever know it. She found the good in everyone and every situation. She could light up a room with her infectious smile. She was a gift to all those around her. Ellen is a triplet, and her earthly absence will be missed tremendously by her loving family Brian, Kim, Lucy, and Aubrey. She will also be missed immensely by her club and high school volleyball teams, her band, school, and church family! Some words used to describe Ellen are: Christ-Like, Kind, Compassionate, Loving, Strong, Fearless, Positive, Encouraging, Uplifting, Happy, Hardworking, Never complained. Tenacious, Courageous, Smart, Driven, Determined, Supportive, Thorough (she never did anything halfway), Dedicated, Talented, Fierce, Generous, Uplifting, Energetic, Sweet, Confident, Resilient, Compassionate, Diligent, Considerate, Precious, Pure, Patient, Friendly, Loving, Selfless, Ambitious. Ellen was planning on attending college to study to be a pharmacist. She loved helping others. Please join us in raising money to offset the expenses of this tragic event for the Jackson Family. _______ 1 Peter 5: 8-9 “Remember that your family of believers all around the world are going through the same suffering as you are”. This reminder is as heartbreaking as it is comforting. It’s comforting because it reminds us that we aren’t alone in our suffering. It’s not an attack just on us. It’s heartbreaking because we know the road that the people “in the suffering” are walking down. We know the hurt. This campaign is for another volleyball family here in the Denver area. They’re going through what we started going through 6 months ago. It’s tough to describe the strength that comes from knowing that there is an army of people around you that care. Jehovah Nissi means, The Lord God is my Banner. It comes from the Old Testament. The Israelites were fighting the Amelekites. When Moses would lift his staff in the air, the Israelites would lead the battle. If he dropped his arms, they would start losing. Moses’s brother and a friend came to Moses’s side and helped hold his arms in the air. Keeping the staff up and allowing the Israelites to win the battle. Moses had an army to help him. Please come beside this family and help them win this battle. Thank you and we love you! Ricky #Finn’s Army PUR Compassion

Giving HOPE-FOOD among the CHAOS!

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Help us join together to help Guanacaste, Costa Rica families and businesses to produce meals and support for all that are struggling with no employment and financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. This area of Costa Rica is 99% dependent on Tourism. With the whole world shut down, their livelihoods are shut down. These are hard working, loving people that had the rug pulled out from under them. Sharky's will be joined by several other restaurants in the area to use its kitchen and staff to cook-prepare meals to deliver to as many people as possible. We'll be implementing this process with respect to the recommended social distancing and health standards set by local governments. In addition to pre-prepared food, we will also be working with other organizations to deliver pantry and other essential items to those in need. We need your help to keep these families fed during this time of crisis. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP TO IMPLEMENT. Those of you in the area that are interested in this initiative or know someone who can help, please contact via text or whatsapp only to 8729-8274 #TamarindoStrong #DoMoreBeMore Thanks for caring!

Funeral Costs for 6 families whose lives are forever changed from one horrible collision.

Tishomingo, OK
My heart is breaking all over again tonight. Grief and loss is so easily reignited. Last night, Rebecca and I sat down and watched Footloose. The movie starts off with a tragic car accident killing a group of high school kids on their way home from a dance. The movie is a true story from Elmore City, OK. The community was forever impacted. After losing Finn in an accident in November, even watching that scene made our stomachs turn. I just heard from my cousins in Tishomingo, OK… A mere 60 miles from where Footloose’s sad story was based on, a new, community changing, accident has happened. Six local high school girls, around 16 years old, were on their way home from lunch and ended up colliding with a semi. None of them survived. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking accident. These families need our help! This is an extremely fresh situation and lots of info hasn’t been released. Tishomingo is a small, rural Oklahoman town where everyone knows everyone and everyone cares about everyone. This is going to be hard. If you want additional info, just google Tishomingo. My uncle, Bobby Waitman, is the superintendent in Tish. For now, we’re trying to raise enough money to cover the funeral costs for all of the families involved. It’s a lofty goal but we have a few people/families that have committed to matching funds. Having gone through this so recently, I know how important it is to be able to focus on the grieving. If we can give some dollars to help these families get some space to grieve, it’s money well spent. Just that time is life changing. Please think about joining us. As usual, every dollar raised will be going directly to the families and split between them. This is just a start. Thank you for sacrificing to help others! “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I come to give life abundant!” #stopthethief #finnsarmy


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