PUR Service

Pur Service is designed to reach people and communities outside our own.

PUR Service was birthed out of our initial involvement in Uganda. There, we partnered with multiple organizations to implement platforms of aide to equip the locals and share the message of the gospel. During those beginning years, our relatives, Andrew and Heidi Kanagy relocated their family to build relationships with the community of Mukono and meet their needs.

Since then, our scope of PUR Service has expanded outside of the country of Uganda alone. We continue to look for opportunities to partner alongside foreign resources to continue our mission of loving God and loving people. Ways in which we do so are through our Haitian meat market, Vivobue filters in war-torn Ukraine, Costa Rican projects to benefit individual families or schools, and more.

PUR Service Campaigns You Can Support

Explore our current efforts abroad and consider contributing to them. The giving campaigns allow you to support a specific need with the most impact. Our campaign platform allows you to give a tax-free, charitable contribution. All gifts benefit those in need without any fees taken out, not even for credit card processing.